Membership Costs

Vary and are based on patient age. There are family discounts for larger families.  See our pricing page for details.

These charges are for primary care services as listed in our what’s included list.

Membership is NOT insurance, and patients are strongly recommended to have insurance to cover specialty costs and catastrophic fees for emergency room and hospitalizations.

The following services are included with the prices listed

  • Wholesale pharmacy  Generic and OTC medications filled in our office.  Patient savings are sometimes considerable over using your insurance copays.

  • Laboratory cost  Price of the discounted cost from our regional lab with no additional markup

  • Discounted imaging.  Price negotiated with Salem Radiology.  Cost of the image will be charged to the patient at the time of scheduling and paid directly to the imaging center at the time of services

  • Sports physicals.  Free for members

  • DOT physical’s free for members

  • While we do realize that there are times when nonmembers need an acute care visit or urgent care, Township Health DPC is based on continuity of care and the doctor-patient relationship. We would be happy to refer walk in acute visits to our local urgent care or emergency department. If an out of town family member of one of our current DPC members would need care for an acute illness, we would be happy to accommodate them for a one time fee of $100.